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Glucose Meters and Lancing Devices

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Please note:

  • COST: See Cost Coverage Information on the Topics Catalogue page for compassionate or cost savings resources per brand. 
    • The usefulness of post-prandial (pc) glucose readings is most often advised in individuals with A1c < 8% (“fine tuning”) while on medications that target post-prandial readings.
  • Click here for Genteel Lancing Device info
  • See Abbott below for blood ketone meters
  • Blood glucose meters are listed by brand below and include links to user manuals and websites.The mention of products on this page is not an endorsement.
  • Please ask patients to carefully investigate shipping costs and return policies when ordering online, and to check for strip expiration dates after receiving products regardless of where purchased. Patients report varied experiences with online ordering (good and bad).
  •  Glooko accepts uploads of most glucose meters and CGM. To have patients direct their data to a professional clinic account see the instructions on our patient webpage under Patients & Family > Appointment Preparation.  




  • Abbott markets blood glucose meters and an interstitial glucose monitor Libre2. View their website. Please also see our Glucose Monitors webpage

      • The Freestyle Precision Neo BG and Ketone meter is not stocked in pharmacies, but can be ordered on request by diabetes centres. Specific ketone strips are required to check for ketones. These strips can be ordered at pharmacies. 
      • Freestyle Libre Reader and Libre 2 Reader: Although these are intended to "scan" Libre sensors, both of these hand held readers can measure blood glucose and blood ketones (using appropriate Abbott strips for each). 
      • Patients with IPTP who have coverage issues for Libre Reader as a ketone meter are to contact Blue Cross 1-800-661-6995 or have the pharmacy confirm with the Alberta Blue Cross pharmacy provider support team. For Psuedo DIN and PIN numbers for pharmacy, see here under sensor page.
      • Insulin Dose Calculator is available to use on Libre Scanners ONLY if set up by a health educator (code CAA1c) and ONLY if the patient is using blood glucose testing with the scanner. It will not work with sensor readings or manually input glucose readings. Instructions are the same as for the old Insulinx meter here (for easy setup) and here (for advanced)
      • See Cost Coverage Information on the Topics Catalogue page for compassionate or cost savings resources per brand. 
  • Calgary Reps:


ASCENSIA (previously Bayer)  





  • GE 200 meter: Company website for Canada 

  • A reduction in the price of GE strips (about $9.60 off retail) is available by using the Innovicares program when purchasing at the pharmacy. The pharmacies below can arrange this.

  • GE is available at Walmart, Safeway, Sobeys, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart North Hill Shopping Centre & Rexall pharmacies and at the following independent outlets: Richmond Sq Pharmacy, Marshall Drugs, Sage Plus Pharmacy, Medicine Shoppe 4th St. SW, Cambrian Pharmacy., Calgary Drug Mart #13-10 Richard Way SW, Simon's Valley IDA. And close satellite communities, Two Pharmacy Cochrane, Shoppers Drug Mart Okotoks.

  • Calgary Rep: Gary Pidruchny  
  • See Cost Coverage Information on the Topics Catalogue page for compassionate or cost savings resources per brand. 


Genteel Lancing Device


LIFESCAN All Lifescan meters can be viewed at their OneTouch website.  

  • There are instructional videos available for One Touch Verio Flex and One Touch Verio Reflect. The video for the One Touch Delica Lancing Device is here.
  • App: OneTouch Reveal in iOS, Android. Visit the app set up video.  
  • Insulin Mentor (Bolus Calculator).

    Note 1:  
    The food library in the app presents carbohydrate content that includes fibre. Fibre is not subtracted and the grams of fibre are not visible. 

    Note 2: 
    Here is how the App calculates the dose if there is insulin on board (IOB):
     - If no BG is entered, the insulin dose for carb is not reduced
    - If BG is entered, IOB is subtracted from the total dose of insulin
      (insulin for carb + correction insulin)

    Insulin Mentor Setup Steps:

    • Open Reveal App
    • Click “More” in top right hand corner
    • Click “My settings”
    • Turn on “Insulin Mentor” and enter your individual provider code
    • Proceed to enter the settings for the patient
    • You can allow them access to adjust settings (or not)
    • If needed, download pdf Setup of Insulin Mentor , see complete setup instructions and support docs.





NovaMax Meter

  • Measures both blood glucose and blood ketones. Separate strips are required for each. 
  • May be available to order in at pharmacies. Strips are available online in Canada at The meter can also be ordered on-line on the NovaMax website.