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ypsomed pump 2019


  • Physical features:
    • Small: 46mm L x 78mm H x 16mm D. Tubed. 
    • Touch screen icons only. No words. High contrast, easy to read screen
    • 1.6 ml (160 unit) glass reservoirs can be pre-filled & left in fridge for 1 month.
    • YpsoPump Orbit® infusion sets rotate 360 degrees (90 degree teflon or metal) .  Other 30 degree sets - Inset (same as other pump brand basic sets) 
  • Ypsomed Calculator App (Apple, Android)
    • Bolus calculator and Insulin-on-Board are in the app, not in the pump 
    • App communication is currently 1-way with pump sending data to app. The app doesn't communicate to pump yet. Currently, boluses are calculated on the app and manually inputted into the pump.  
    • The app currently (Sept 2022) subtracts all insulin-on-board (IOB) from meal bolus suggestions. These calculations can be viewed and the dose suggestion can be overridden. This will change with a future app update.
    • The app can be set up in MDI mode to make use of the bolus calculator and IOB (bolus only) for those not on pump. 
    • The app will upload to an Ypsomed cloud server and can upload to Glooko. Also has ability to create PDF reports and email from phone.  
    • App contains 10 guided video tours for "how to..." items for Ypsopump e.g. chagne reservoir, program basal rates, deliver a bolus etc. 
  • The future Ypsopump in Canada: The current version of the Ypsopump does not yet have these features below. However, these are planned for Canada (in this specific order).
    • MyLife Ypsomed Dose – the ability to bolus from the Ypsomed app. This requires a new pump model. Those who purchase the current Ypsopump get a Technology Guarantee allowing a no cost upgrade to the new pump.
    • MyLife Ypsomed Assist – the ability for Dexcom to integrate with the app 
    • MyLife Ypsomed Loop – the ability for Automated Insulin Delivery and pump control via smartphone. The Algorithm will be  CamAPS-X (University of Cambridge).  


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