Medtronic Insulin Pumps

Medtronic pumps available in Canada include the 630G and the 670G Hybrid Closed-Loop insulin pump. Below is an image of the 670G (it is essentially the 630G pump with increased capabilities including an updated transmitter for glucose sensor).

Medtronic 670Gpump transmitter 2019

670G Overview

The Auto Mode feature of the Medtronic 670G pump automatically adjusts basal insulin every 5 minutes.  "Setting" basal insulin profiles by missing meals is not required because:

  • Auto Mode feature functions like a “dimmer switch”. It turns basal insulin up, down or off to attempt to maintain a target of 6.7 mmol/L (before and after meals). A temporary target of 8.3 mmol/L may be programmed by the pump user.
  • Medtronic's proprietary (and unseen) algorithm uses recent and past glucose readings to determine basal insulin needs.
  • The basal insulin provided is different every day. There will be times the patient receives no (zero) basal insulin. See here. 

The Auto Mode feature makes suggestions for correction insulin and meal bolus insulin. Patients must still accurately count carbohydrate and program into the pump. The pump's bolus advice for meals and corrections can be accepted or declined by the paitent. However, it cannot be modified. 

In Auto Mode, patients will only be able to control the:

  • Active insulin time
  • Carbohydrate ratio. 

The following are NOT available for use when the 670G is in Auto Mode (they are available in Manual Mode):

  • Temporary basal
  • Insulin sensitivity factor - ISF (The algorithm determines a correction dose based on recent insulin delivery, not on ISF. The patient may accept or decline the dose.)
  • Dual or square wave bolus
  • Pre-set boluses
  • Easy bolus
  • Manual bolus
  • Remote bolus

Additional Auto Mode information:

  • Auto Mode requires regular blood glucose calibrations of CGM and additional blood glucose tests when the pump requests.
  • The pump can exit out of Auto Mode under certain conditions. In this case, the pump will use "Safe Basal."
  • Safe Basal is an automatic function. It is a constant basal rate based on recent insulin delivery history. No automatic adjustment of basal rates is done in Safe Basal and the sensor glucose data is not used. Safe Basal allows the user time to take the actions needed to resume Auto Mode (eg. input a blood glucose reading). If actions aren't taken to resume Auto Mode, then after 90 minutes of Safe Basal the pump will return to Manual Mode (e.g. it will function like a normal pump using programmed pump basal settings).
  • Although Auto Mode delivers a different amount of basal insulin each day, periodically the manual basal rates should be updated to reflect the overall pattern of recent Auto Mode basal insulin delivery as seen in Carelink reports.


Training for Medtronic 670G

Patient Carelink Training 

Training Videos

  • Cannula Fills
    Set Name Cannula Length Cannula Fill
    Silhouette 13 mm or 17 mm 0.7 unit
    Mio 30  13 mm 0.7 unit
    Quick Set 6 mm
    9 mm
    0.3 unit
    0.5 unit
    Mio 6 mm
    9 mm
    0.3 unit
    0.5 unit
    Mio Advanced 6 mm 0.6 unit
    Sure-T 6 mm or 8 mm Zero unit

Company Contacts

    • Medtronic Canada
    • Customer care: 1-800-284-4416 
    • Diabetes Territory Manager (Southern Alberta): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1-403-829-1932
    • Diabetes Clinical Specialist (Alberta): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  1-403-831-4102