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Online Learning for Diabetes Educators


Diabetes Centre Calgary offers the following online learning. Please click an option to learn more.


1. ZOOM: Diabetes Workshops for Healthcare Professionals 

2. WEBSITE: Key Webpages used in our Workshops for Healthcare Professionals

Basic Workshop Key Webpages

Intermediate Workshop Key Webpages

Advanced Workshop Key Webpages

3. D2L: Learning Modules & Quizzes on D2L platform (University of Calgary)

4. ZOOM: Diabetes Centre Calgary: Educators Rounds






1. Zoom:Diabetes Workshops for Healthcare Professionals


 2. Website: Key Pages Used in our Workshops

If you're new to diabetes, consider exploring  topics in the same order we approach them in our Basic Diabetes Workshop for Healthcare Professionals. After discussing pathophysiology, we organize topics according the steps you'd take in an outpatient appointment with a client. These topics and links are outlined below. 


Basic Diabetes Workshop for Professionals - Key Pages

  1. Pathophysiology,  and then Diagnosis 
  2. Agenda setting
  3. Assessing
  4. Advising & Assisting
  5. Agreeing on goals
  6. Arranging follow-up
  7. Quick access to resources: Topics Catalogue


Intermediate Diabetes Workshop for Professionals - Key Pages 

  1. Medications
  2. Starting basal insulin formulas and dosing
  3. Teaching insulin & injectables
  4. Adjusting basal insulin guidelines 
  5. Adjusting basal insulin cases


Advanced (BBIT) Diabetes Workshop for Professionals
- Key Pages 

  1. Basal Insulins
  2. Bolus Insulins
  3. Insulin formulas (basal, bolus, carb ratio, corrections/ISF)
  4. More on ISF and correction scales
  5. Carbohydrate Management - Carb Ratios
  6. BBIT Insulin Adjustments ICR, ISF, CR and strategies to analyse
  7. BBIT cases with patterns
  8. BBIT cases with erratic readings


 3. Online Learning Modules & Quizzes for HCP (D2L)


4. Calgary Diabetes Educator Rounds

  • See this link for a listing of topics and dates that may be open for your participation.