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Skin Care for Sensors and Pumps

The right skin care product can make all the difference for your patient when it comes to managing pump and/or CGM dressings. The following skin care products may be available at pharmacies, online sites such as Amazon or online diabetes supply stores e.g.Diabete Express.  We encourage patients talk to their pharmacist, physician, pump/CGM trainer or diabetes educator about which product may be right for them. 

Please see below for where to purchase a Skin Dressing Sampler Kit in Calgary.

1. Adhesive Wipes

  • Friars Balsam (tincture of benzoin): Paints on a yellow color and provides immediate adherence, a favorite among hockey players who frequently sweat off sites.
  • Mastisol® by Eloquest: Waterproof medical adhesive that secures dressings in moist environments. Suggest using a removal aid (wipe) prior to removing any dressing secured with mastisol. Available in vials or spray. 
  • Skin Tac® by Torbot: Hypoallergenic, latex-free, clear, non-rubber liquid adhesive. Acts as a barrier and also adds to adherence. Available in wipes or in bottle (with dauber). Suggest using a removal aid prior to removing any dressing secured with Skin Tac. 
  • SkinGlu® by Not Just a Patch

2. Adhesive Removal Products  

  • Detachol™ by Eloquest: A non-drying and non-stinging adhesive remover. 
  • Tac Away™ by Torbot: Available in wipes, non-greasy. 
  • Remove™ Adhesive Remover by Smith and Nephew
  • AllKare® Adhesive Remover Square Wipes by ConvaTec
  • UNI-SOLVE™ Adhesive Remover by Smith and Nephew
  • Baby oil may also help remove stubborn dressings (if Mastisol® or Skin Tac® were not used).

3. Adhesive Tapes 

  • Hypafix tape® by BSN Medical/Mefix tape® by Molnlycke health Care: Stretchy, latex free, hypoallergenic adhesive tape. 
  • Nexcare Coban® Athletic Wrap by 3M: Self-adherent wrap used to secure dressings or devices. Sticks to itself but nothing else, decreasing risk of skin irritation. Contains latex. 
  • Vet wrap - similar to athletic wrap, available in animal supply stores and may be less expensive. 
  • Tegaderm® by 3M: Thin, transparent dressing available in various shapes and sizes. Can also be used as a barrier (see below). 
  • GrifGrips® decorative adhesives stickers for CGM, Omnipod and infusion sets.
  • Various adhesive patches are available for specific sensors, pump infusion sets and pods. Some brands include GrifGrips, Not Just a Patch, PumpPeelz, Simpatch. Encourage those with diabetes to do an internet search as numerous brands exist.

4. Barrier Products (Skin Protection Wipes & Overlays)

  • AllKare® by Convatec: Protective barrier wipes. 
  • Adapt® by Hollister: Skin protective wipes. Good for sensitive skin due to increased moisturizer, however may affect adhesion. 
  • Cavilon® by 3M: A non-stinging barrier film. Available as spray or wipe. 
  • Skin Tac® by Torbot: Adhesive product that can also serve as barrier. 
  • Skin-Prep® by Smith and Nephew: Protective dressing wipes. 
  • Tegaderm® by 3M: Thin, transparent dressing available in various shapes and sizes. Can be used as a barrier to protect skin beneath dressing. Advise patient to cut a small hole in the middle of the dressing (like a donut) where cannula and/or sensor will pass through. 
  • Barrier Underlays: Suggest patients do an internet search for OVERlay or UNDERpatch e.g. Omnipod underlay or a specifc sensor brand underlay.  
    • Barrier Adhesive Patches: As an example, a Pod would adhere to a specialty cut underlay with corresponding holes first. Then the underlay (with its own gentler or allergy proven adhesive) would attach to the skin.
    • Re-usable Underlays: A reusable flexible barrier underlay is attached to the sticky part of the pod. There is no adhesive on the barrier underlay. People could put a large skin-friendly adhesive patch over both the pod and the attached underlay. Or they could add their own skin friendly adhesive on the other side of the underlay.  
    • Others have cut small holes in thin duoderm and used similar to above.
    • Others go on the skin first as a patch, with the insertion of the device (cannula etc) afterwards.  
  • Some underlay options. Please advise those interested to search the internet for additional options of UNDERlays or UNDERpatches. In most cases, an overpatch is also suggested. 

5. Skin Dressing Sampler Kits

In the Calgary Area, Richmond Square Pharmacy  142 - 3715 51 St SW, 403-249-4346 sells Skin Dressing Sampler Kits for $17.50. These are eligible to be charged to the annual IPTP allowance for skin care products. They can be purchased in store or delivered, if included in a medication order. (They are not delivered stand alone.)  Each kit contains: 

  • Products to Disinfect
    • 2 BD Alcohol Wipes
    • 2 Webcol Alcohol Wipes
  • Products to Protect the Skin
    • 2 Cavilon Barrier Wipe
    • 2 Allkare Protective Wipe
    • 2 Adapt Hollister Protective Wipe
    • 2 IV3000 OneHand Infusion Set Dressing
    • 2 Tegaderm 1624W Dressing
  • Products to Make it Stick
    • 2 Skin Prep Wipe (also protects the skin)
    • 2 Skin Tac Wipe (also protects the skin)
  • Products to Take It Off
    • 2 TacAway Wipe
    • 2 Remove Wipe