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Latest Updates

Update:  Recruiting for Type 2 Diabetes Studies

The Clinical Trials unit team out of RRDTC is actively recruiting patients with type 2 diabetes for studies. Please visit their website for more details: https://www.ucalgary.ca/diabetes-clinical-trials

Update: Glucose Management Indicator

CGM reports are changing to use a new measure called the Glucose Management Indicator (GMI) to replace estimated A1c (eA1c). For more information about the rationale for making the change, please refer to this article.

The GMI is calculated based on the mean glucose value for the time period being reported. It’s recommended that at least 14 days be used. Differences between the GMI and laboratory measured A1C may reflect differences among individuals in the lifespan of red blood cells, how glucose binds to hemoglobin in red blood cells, or could occur due to a recent, short term fluctuation in glucose control. GMI can be lower than expected if recent glucose values are lower than usual, and higher than expected if the recent glucose values are higher.

Carelink reports GMI in IFCC units (mmol/mol). To convert to the more familiar NGSP units (%), see the Glycated Hemoglobin Conversion chart from Diabetes Canada.

Update: Libre Sensor Offered with Getting Started Webinars

Abbott is running patient education Webinar sessions on FreeStyle Libre throughout the Summer and Fall. The webinar sessions are open to diabetes educators who are interested as well. Go to Register Getting Started for a full description of sessions, along with upcoming dates and times.

GETTING STARTED with FreeStyle Libre– intended for patients new to FreeStyle Libre.  Registrants are mailed a FreeStyle Libre sensor upon registration.

GETTING MORE from FreeStyle Libre – intended to build on the previous Getting Started information session. It is  for existing users wanting to learn more about their FreeStyle Libre sensor and reports. 

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