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Diabetes Services Calgary

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 Please visit our ucalgary site for these triage criteria as well as Diabetes in Pregnancy referrals.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Primary Care Network Patient Services

Patient Diabetes Assessments 

  1. Diabetes Centre Calgary (DCC- AHS) 
    Endocrinology and Metabolism Program, Alberta Health Services - AHS
    Download Referral to DCC Educator-Clinicians (RN, RD, pharmacist, psycho-social team).
    Central Booking: 403-955-8146 Central Fax for Referrals: 403-476-9626 (Note:This fax number changed Dec 2020).
  2. Division of Endocrinology, University of Calgary (AHS) (AHS) 
    Download Referral to Endocrinologist 
    Central Booking: 403-955-8146 Central Fax: 403-955-8634 (referrals)
    • For referral to endocrinologists

  3.  Diabetes in Pregnancy (DIP) Clinics (AHS, Calgary)
    Download Referral to DCC Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic,
    • A referral includes access to diabetes educators (includes nurses, dietitians and psycho-social team) and endocrinologists (when required.)
    • FMC Phone: 403-944-2122; Fax: 403-776-3836
    • RGH Phone: 403-943-3495; Fax: 403-776-3838
    • PLC Phone: 403-943-4862; Fax:  403-776-3837
    • SHC Phone: 403-956-2575; Fax: 403-776-3839

  4. Calgary Rural Diabetes Clinics (AHS)
    • These clinics use a central referral and booking system. 
    • Use the Alberta Referral Directory to obtain referral documents to clinics in Airdrie, Banff, Black Diamond, Canmore, Claresholm, Didsbury, High River, Nanton, Okotoks, Strathmore, Vulcan
    • Patients seen include those with Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes. A pregnant women with Type 1 or Type 2 or a patient with GDM who needs insulin would be referred to DIP.
    • For referral to diabetes educators (includes nurses and dietitians) only.
    • Central Phone: 1-844-445-5588 Central Fax: 1 403-776-3801
  5. Alberta Healthy Living Program (AHLP, AHS)
    • AHLP classes, including their type 2 class, titled 'Tips for Eating: Prediabetes and Diabetes', can be booked on-line at Alberta Health Services - Public Access (
    • People who have attended their type 2 Diabetes Class, may choose to have one-on-one dietitian counseling. Anyone can refer, using this referral form, or the patient can self-refer.
    • Central Zone and South Zone AHLP offer dietitian and nursing assessments through their programs (the zone Diabetes Centre is housed in AHLP).

  6. Calgary and area Primary Care Networks 
    Please connect with the appropriate PCN to ask about the availability of diabetes educator appointments. Mosiac PCN also has a Refuge Health Clinic

  7. Private Diabetes Services
    Please use your browser to search for other Calgary Diabetes Services outside of Alberta Health Services

  8. Indigenous Health Services
    • The Indigenous Hospital Liaison at PLC may be able to help with referrals to diabetes services for inpatient clients. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
    • Morley: See Stoney Health Diabetes Clinic or contact Stoney Health Services 403-881-3920
    • Siksika
      • Telehealth Diabetes Team: AHS CDM RN and RD  (Dave Smith RD, CDE ). Educators can call Siksika MOA Jamie Yellow Fly at 403-734-5649 to setup a referral.  See notes under point below regarding type 1 diabetes.
      • Strathmore Diabetes Clinic (see the point above on Calgary Rural Diabetes Clincis): People with type 1 diabetes living in Siksika should be referred to Strathmore Diabetes Clinic. Referrals to the AHS Diabetes Telehealth team are only available if the referring MD requests and contacts the team to discuss in advance.
    • Tsuut'ina Health Centre: 403-251-7575 or fax referral to 403-238-1481

Patient Diabetes Classes

  1. Alberta Healthy Living Program Diabetes Classes
  2. Calgary and area Primary Care Networks - please connect with the PCN to ask about available classes

Other Patient Resources

  1. Visit our Ucalgary Patient Website at for handouts, videos and pre-appointment assessment questionnaires. 

Physician Phone Consults with Endocrinologists: Specialist Link

  • This service is for physicians to use to consult other physician specialists, including endocrinologists. 
  • Local: 403.910.2551 Toll Free: 1.844.962.5456 (LINK)
  • Get a call-back within one hour!

Other Endocrinology and Metabolism Program (Calgary Zone) Clinic Referrals: