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Foot Care

In Alberta, regular foot screens help in

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 If you are talking with a client about travel, exercise, pain, sleep, or barriers to change then you also need to talk about foot care. The survival rate after a lower limb amputation is approximately 26% after 5 years. Saving limbs can save lives. 

1. Complications Involving Feet 

  • Complications to feet can involve skin, nails, structure/anatomy, loss of peripheral sensation, arterial compromise, ulcer and amputations.
  • One amputation increases the risk for a second amputation. Up to 50% of older people with type 2 diabetes have 1 or more risk factors for foot complications – such as peripheral vascular disease, neuropathy, decreased sensation, deformity, trauma, previous ulceration, microvascular complications or smoking.
  • There are 1100 lower limb amputations per year in Alberta. The majority are secondary diabetes foot ulcers. Unfortunately, about 15-20% of all people with diabetes will develop ulcers. The survival rate after a lower limb amputation is low. After 5 years, only 286 of 1100 (26%) with lower limb amputations have likely survived. 
  • Saving limbs, saves lives. See below.

2. Save Limbs & Lives: Do a Foot Assessment 

Complete the Saving Limbs learning modules for HCP on myLearningLink (AHS) or ABSORB (PCNs)

Click The Alberta Diabetes Foot Care Clinical Pathway to visit their tools directly. 

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Or visit the quick links by clicking on each of the resources below. 

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Referral for Diabetes Foot Care

High Risk: Refer to the Calgary services listed here for fax numbers. 
Urgent: Educator to contact patient's family doctor. If unavailable, refer to urgent care services.