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Connect Care: Some More How To Items

This page is in development and relevant only to Diabetes Centre Calgary clinicians. 

If you are new to Connect Care, the topics below will help you to get started.

An extensive, searchable list of information sheets and support materials from Connect Care is available here.

Find & Open Patient Chart

Scheduled patients show up on your Connect Care work space, under the "Schedule" tab. Visit type and Notes are displayed, along with other patient information.

Single-click on a patient name to preview the chart (titled SnapShot), and to allow for some pre-charting.

CC schedule

 Double-click on a patient name to open the chart.


To open a chart for an unscheduled encounter (phone call or encrypted email), use “Telephone Call” in the red ‘Epic toolbar’ at the top, then search for the patient.

CC Phone call

Note that for emails received from a patient, use Contact type = 'Other', then document the type as 'Incoming', 'Email' to capture the activity.

Email documentation


To open a chart for other reasons for an unscheduled patient, use “Patient Lookup” in the red ‘Epic toolbar’ at the top to search for a patient.

If you open a patient using Patient Lookup, you need to create an encounter to chart on the patient. Use the ‘Create encounter’ tab. If the tab is not there, you can add what you need using the down arrow at the right, and selecting the Encounter tab:

Add encounter tab

Choose the appropriate visit type from the list, e.g. "Diabetes - Follow up"

Visit type


Standard Tab Layout

It's easier if all educators use the same tabs, and organize them in a consistent order. The first time that you open a patient chart, customize the tabs as shown below, using the wrench icon in the row where the tabs appear. Remove the tabs you don’t need and add the ones you do need. Drag and drop tabs in the order shown.

Note: The Diabetes Management tab is found within the "Quick Navigators" in the menu.

Modify worspace

From that point on, each patient chart you open will have the tabs you’ve chosen. Organize them as shown below.

 Nurses (Standard tabs for scheduled appointments)

RN tab layout

Dietitians (Standard tabs for scheduled appointments)

RD tab layout

All staff (Standard tabs for unscheduled phone calls and emails)

Phone tabs

Heading 3


Documenting Phone Calls and Emails


Heading 5