Photos Omnipod DASH and Eros


  • Tubeless pump
  • Small waterproof pods (3.9 cm x 5.2 cm x 1.45 cm) adhere to skin and communicate wirelessly to a Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM)
  • Pods contain insulin and self-inserting angled cannula (hands free auto cannula insertion)
  • There are two types of Omnipod Insulin Management Systems in Canada. The older system uses Eros pods that communicate with a thicker PDM via radio waves. The newer system uses DASH pods (blue cannula cover) that communicate with a sleek PDM via bluetooth. The DASH PDM does not have a blood glucose meter incorporated. The Eros and DASH pods and PDMs are NOT interchangeable. 
  • PDMs allow for all insulin delivery programming including bolus calculator, remote bolusing, viewing of insulin-on-board, basal rate changes etc. 
  • Uninterrupted basal delivery if PDM is misplaced. 
  • Uploadable to Diasend
  • Note, the DASH PDM's 7 day average insulin dose is 6 days + hours in current day. Eg if viewing at 0900 the 7 day average is 6 days + 9 hours of insulin. If looking at short term changes, eg. in preganncy, educators may wish to view daily totals and average those. 



  • Eros (older pods and sytem)
  • DASH (new pod and system)
  • DASH and Eros comparison chart
  • DASH Tips:
    • The DASH PDM has a PIN set by the user. If the PIN is forgotten, the last 4 digits of the serial number will unlock the PDM.
    • A battery change in PDM should not require a Pod change. If that is happening then likely the PDM internal lithium battery is depleted. The patient should call customer support to have PDM replaced.
    • If the pod fails to pair, the Omnipod syringe may be used to attempt to withdraw insulin from the pod prior discarding.
    • We're told the 7 day average of total daily dose may not be accurate depending on when viewed. The calculation includes the current incomplete day as a full day. Depending on the situation, the daily totals may wish to be viewed and averaged manually, eliminating the current incomplete day.
    • To silence a "screaming" pod that cannot be deactivated from the PDM, insert a paperclip into the hole on the back of the pod, on the opposite side of the cannula
Omnipod silence with paperclip

Upload to Diasend/Glooko 

  • Refer patients to this helpful handout with step by step instructions for uploading their pump: Diasend/Glooko upload instructions.
  • We have a contract in place to allow us to view patient's Diasend data, if they give us permission. Inform patents that they are not required to give us permission, and we do not look at their data unless they contact us to do so. If they agree to share their data with us, direct them to 'Account Admin' and input our clinic code: 91-65481.


FYI & Misc

  • Pods can only be purchased via Diabetes Express or Richmond Square Pharmacy in Calgary. (Jen Iwanicki has the only pharmacy in Canada permitted to sell pods.)


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